Caught in the Middle

Friday, April 07, 2006

entry one

so i suppose i'm officially joining the community of blog addicts, some who give in to those faulty illusions that their writing will be read and considered. that they no longer have to be ny times columnists to have their voices heard. i am under no illusions of the sort that this blog will ever be read by anyone but myself. which is completely fine. the world is not flat, plus i have nothing much to say that isn't a thoughtful regurgitation of what is already out there on the web. it's just reality that if Everyone has a point of view, eventually they all blur together and converge into a handful of opinions, back to where we started in the pre-internet age. i have to say, i do give kudos to the 24-year old Iraqi woman, riverbend, who blogged about Baghdad Burning when not many dared to, though she's now only one of dozens of Iraqi bloggers.

the title of this blog is sufficiently vague. i wonder how many bloggers out there use the web as a method of establishing multiple personalities, updating their views on illegal immigration and child trafficking at lunch, while taking an afternoon break to write a little story about a recent fling with a coworker. Arent we all caught in the middle of our personalities, constantly and sometimes unconsciously shifting between them. Witty, I know. I mean, as I discovered tonight, I'm too conservative for my liberal friends and too liberal for the conservative ones. Too young to be taken seriously but too old to have unlimited possibilities. Too ethnic to be from here but too American to be anything else.

anyway, enough snappy little phrases. I'll use this blog as a place to comment on society politics policy and the dilemmas of my life, while mostly linking to other sites i find interesting. On that note, goodnight.